Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Little Explanation

All right, here goes. I’ve been book blogging for several years now, but the other day I felt the inspiration to elaborate on my story.

My name is Natalie Carroll, and I suffer from Anxiety and a mild form of PTSD.

This blog will simply be about how I handle life. The reason I call it, “My Story, My Crazy,” is because before I knew I had an anxiety disorder, I thought I was going insane. There was no reason why I should be panicking over such dumb things or getting ridiculously stressed over the smallest task.

I don’t have any other hope for this blog other than maybe giving someone comfort that they’re not alone, and someone else knows exactly what they’re going through. (And, I think this will be therapeutic for me).

I will try to keep each entry short, because who wants to read a novel blog post? But, the formatting will go as well, as I write. I will also attempt to post once a week, but I’m still a senior college student, so forgive me if I miss a week or two.

In all honesty, I hope this helps you. Or, if you don’t struggle from these things, at least it will give you a better understanding so you can help those around you who do suffer.

Always and Forever,
Natalie Carroll


  1. Maybe it will help others who don't have anxiety understand what their family and friends are going through as well.

    1. That's another hope of mine :)

    2. This is amazing but I have to admit it's a little sad for me to read!!! Im so proud of you! I love you! You're so strong! I wish I could be as strong as you! I love you to the moon and back!!!

    3. Thanks! You'll probably learn a lot I wasn't brave or open enough to tell you when I was a teenager. But now this is all in the past and I am a stronger person for it.


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