Wednesday, May 16, 2018


There is a Ted Talk about a writer for Disney who talks about why he wanted to become a writer. At three years old, his mother took him to see Bambi and he was filled with WONDER.

In one of my creative writing classes, my professor sat on one of the desks. One foot was propped on the chair, his hands clasped with his elbow resting on his elevated knee. He looked each of us in the eye and said, "You cannot write about the fantastical if you cannot find wonder in the unfantastical."

Funny how even after all the lessons I have learned in my life, this is one I'm still learning. Graduating college is an amazing milestone, but I think I was expecting things to get a little easier. And they have, in some ways and in other ways not so much.

Each stage of life holds something different, and I have forgotten to look for the WONDER of life these past few months.

I started writing a new story this last weekend...and the simple beauty of allowing myself to write bad and to write about the fantastical opened my eyes once again.

To the wonder of life.

May we never lose the wonder.

This life is hard. But we can't forget the good that has happened. May our trials never cloud our eyes from the WONDER that is life.

Never lose the wonder.

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